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There are few things more satisfying than turning around a struggling business and restoring the investment of a hard working entrepreneur.  Fortunately, I've had occasion to do so many times.  Below are a few examples:

- Imagine a struggling manufacturing business that is going through significant family and customer transition issues.  The owner has disconnected from the business and partially retired.  There is no strategy, and most of the leadership team has left.  Sales are just over $2 million with a net operating loss.  After three short years, there is a concise strategy, solid executive team, new business systems, and a focus on operational excellence in all areas.  Sales have grown to over $20 million with exceptional profit margins.

- Imagine a struggling Fortune 500 division in a competitive market.  The brand is excellent, but customers dislike the experience with local staff.  Morale is low, turnover is high, and profits non existent.  Within one year, the division is growing at nearly a 50% rate with morale among the highest in the entire global organization.  Within three years, sales have more than doubled and both customer satisfaction and profit margins have achieved top quartile performance.

- Imagine a struggling manufacturing and consulting organization recently formed through the merger of several unique entities.  There is no leadership, no vision, customers are threatening to leave, and the company operates at a loss.  Within six months, a vision and strategy are developed and communicated internally and externally, leadership (including a new board of directors) is in place, customer relationships are dramatically improved, and financially the organization is experiencing strong growth and solid profit margins.

These are just a few examples, and there are many more.  My experience extends from service to construction and manufacturing, product-based businesses to e-commerce, and areas in between.  I've left corporate America behind to run my own businesses while simultaneously helping and mentoring young entrepreneurs and struggling business owners find a path to greater success.  Let me help your business too!  

The initial consultation is free with no additional obligation.  Don't let something you've worked so hard to build fail - there is a time when we all need help.  Call me today at 701.639.0578 or email at

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My process is designed to maximize your financial gain while making us both a stakeholder in the business for a collective success.  It starts with a free consultation where we learn more about your business, and each other.  What do you have to lose?

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